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Welcome to the new revamped LDAP Schema Viewer

As far as this goes, this is the current status.
  • Objectclass Viewer - Working
  • Attribute View - Working
  • Syntax Schemas - Working
  • Comment code - Not working
On the TODO list Thanks to these people for commenting and other stuff
  • Kurt D. Zeilenga of OpenLDAP for bugging me to do this :)
  • Martin Strohbach for reminding me of other bugs.
  • Jim Se of Novell, for spotting yet more bugs.
  • Davin Petersen, for even more bugs...
Some Questions that have been asked
  • Could you tell me that "OID " is, what it's mean?
I think it all came from the X500 definitions - basically syntaxes relate more to are how the data is stored, and how much space should be allowed for it - eg. like integer, boolean, string, decimal etc. - at the moment the schema view shows the numeric id's - it should really show the descriptions as they are easier to understand. (most references to this are hidden in the LDAP schema viewer now, syntaxes are listed by their names.)
  • Can I have a copy of the ldap schema viewer?
If you are interested in the code, it's here - sorry no free support on that though.. .
Contact me at - especially if you have some work for me :)